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Two aspects of working of a mind -2

Our action also brings about a change in our mind. Every action that we perform makes the instinct of the same behaviour stronger each time. Thus we are forced to perform the same kind of action in future. Thus our past deeds decide our tendency to act or react.

To be more precise,

1. Presentation of sufferings or happiness is not something over which one has control

2. How to react to situation is in one’s control.

The second factor also has two divisions:

1. Mind’s tendency to react according to past deeds

2. Element of fresh control over tendency of mind. This is the factor, which needs to be stronger to exercise control over mind, otherwise, reverse happens: Mind controls you. Only divine practice or remembrance of God can make this factor stronger and therefore, spiritual progress is not possible without remembrance of God.

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10 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Is it that one should submit oneself only to Krishna???


  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Yes you are right we need to control the mind instead of mind ruling us. Thanks for good lovely writings..

  3. ShreeRadha says:

    Karmas are of three types: Sanchit, Prabdha and Kriyaman
    Sanchit Karma : The all past deeds whose outcomes we are going to have.
    Prabdha Karma : Some of the past deeds whose effects we are getting in this life
    Kriyaman Karma : The current actions whose effects we will be subjected to later! Many times it would be difficult for a common person to separate them from one another! To be on safer side, one should take most of things over which one has control as Kriyaman Karma.

  4. Service_to_all says:

    Yous said, “Thus we are forced to perform the same kind of action in future.”

    – Provided we had analysed the results of that action and either decide to discard (If found bad “Ku-Karma”l) or retain (If found to be good , Su-Karma) similar actions in future or retain for future.

    You said “1. Presentation of sufferings or happiness is not something over which one has control”
    – Called Karma


  5. ShreeRadha says:

    You know, it is true that we should try to control mind but unless we solicit divine support by submitting ourselves to Krishna, the sontrol would never be perfect!

  6. Service_to_all says:

    May I ask you why you have posted this topic in 2 parts. I also dont see, size to be a constraint as even if the 2 are combined, it may not exceed a page.

    The 2 are also posted one after another. The reason I am asking this question is that you seem to be focusing exclusively on divine thoughts.

    What are your thoughts, if eblogs combine such multi-part posts?


  7. ShreeRadha says:

    All forms of God is God himself! All are divine forms. As I said Krishna offers opportunity of erotic love. So I said Krishna. As far as divinity is concerned, there is no difference in Krishna, God, Allah, Khuda, Goddess or any other name you would want to give to the supreme personality. One must submit to any divine personality to get out of cycle of death and birth.

  8. ShreeRadha says:

    Sometimes I divide the post into smaller parts because people get tired to read big posts! If eblog combines all my posts i have no problem!

  9. Service_to_all says:

    What is this erotic love which Krishna offers.?


  10. ShreeRadha says:

    There are 5 ways in which one can develop love with God:
    1. He is king we are his subject. (Subject’s love)
    2. He is Master we are servants. (Servant’s love)
    3. He is Our friend and I am his friend. (Friend’s Love)
    4. He is my child and I am his mother or father. (Mother’s Love)
    5. He is my beloved and I am his darling. (Erotic Love)

    You will notice that in various avatars, only Krishna did erotic pastimes with ladies of Vrindavan to assure us that we too can avail such relationship with him. And romantic relationship is the most closest, most ecstatic of all relationships.

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