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What is divine love

Divine love by its definition means love for God. Since God resides in all humans and in all souls, love for humanity and love for mute animals is natural outcome of it. Divine love is of infinite magnitude and such love is when practiced through romantic mood brings you eternal happiness of highest level in spiritual realm. There just one condition for it, you should be happy in your beloved’s happiness whatever he does. In this case beloved being God, he cannot do anything wrong anytime. One needs to have faith.

Stealing Heart of Heart Stealer

Mori bhorisi kishori Tanu Gori ras Bori Chori Chori Chit Chori Chit Chor hu ki chori! (By Maharajaji)

My Cute Radha

Fair colour

And Fully charming

Steals stealthily

Heart of the heart stealer!

(Radha steals heart of that Krishna who steals hearts of souls)

Love and Lust

Kame Preme Bahut Antar
Kam Andh Tam Prem Nirmal Bhaskar!
– Gaurang Mahaprabhu < Love and Lust are world apart Love is pure and clear sunshine Lust is dark and dreaded night! Kanhaiya Nahi Tajiho! Gaiya Tajyo, Bhaiya Tjyo, Bapp Aur Maiya Tajyo, Daiya Tajyo.... Kanhaiya Nahi Tajihon! (A Song) I will not leave Shyam. I will leave everything, father, mother, brother, sister, husband, everyone. I will not leave Kanhaiya. (Because I Love him) Hide N seek God hides soul seeks and enjoys the sought treasure that was lost There is no doubt whatsoever about all pervading nature of God. Even Guru can take care even sitting on the top of Himalayas. To awaken is no way a difficult job. It is very easy and simple. Just go on singing his (God) glories. Do it and see the difference yourself!

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Will god ever say donot love anybody other than HIM and HIM alone.


  2. nishunishaa says:

    hi…I love God..and He is my best friend

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