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What is new?

What is new?
(Every time, when I take a look at you I feel I am seeing you with some new feature. So I try to find out what is exactly new? Somehow end the end it seems difficult pinpoint the novelty. Lord’s love is ever increasing and increased love perceives Lord with more of all virtues! It is like collecting elixir in a pot. Larger the pot, more the joy.)

Every look at you
Bring out something new

New excitement?
New joy?
New happiness?
Yes! what is new?
There is something more to be new!

More excitement?
More joy?
More happiness?
Yes! But not very correct!

The quality is new!
Better excitement
Better joy
Better happiness!
Yes! But not very correct!

More love
More affection
More liking!
O! No! How to describe?

O! What is new?
Everything is new!
Alas! There is no new word
To describe something new!

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