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What people want from you?

Frankly speaking, nothing can be dirty as everywhere resides God. The problem is we are not able to see his presence in the true sense of infinite happiness. Why this outcry of remembrance of God? God is pure personality and we derive properties of person we think of, whichever way we think – through anger, through love, through hatred, through sex… Thus if we have relationships with persons who have not yet experienced divine happiness and who are not pure, we are bound to borrow their properties. Thus, heart becomes dirtier because anything other than God and Saint is not pure! For this reason not only sex but hatred, anger and love should also not be directed to worldly persons. Another point is no one is interested in love in this world. If your behavior is loving, without internal attachment, it is sufficient. For example, a wife having love affair with third person, if keeps cordial behavior with her husband, everything works fine! No one is going to look into your heart whether or not you love! While God, specifically demands love. Thus, both requirements are mutually exclusive. Sexuality has been under criticism from all scriptures as it creates strong attachment to worldly persons. What I meant was, “Everyone judges you from your outward behavior and no one is interested in inside love! “Works fine” means husband still does not sense the love affair which means there is no strife. Life moves ahead as usual although wife’s mind is totally engrossed in extra marital love. This to bring out the point that outward behavior is most important while dealing with people and no one expects love! Well, all actions are subject to their effects, which everyone has to bear according to what one does. You must be knowing the story of a man and his dog. Dog was killed for saving man’s son! Reason – Man could not read mind of the dog and killed dog after seeing its face and body full of blood! Human beings go by external stimuli received through senses and not by internal feelings of others! Even if we go by someone’s explanation, we go by his words thinking that he is honest. Inside story is never known. The open mind can think in many ways but the way in which other mind thinks is still unknown.

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