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Where do we lose?

Where do we lose?

It is said that in KaliYug, it is most easy to seek God. But we find that there are hardly any who actually strive for God. The simple reason is lack of knowledge of the reservoir that God has with him. Each and everything that we wish to have is available with God. And he is willing to give us everything that he has like a mother would do. But we never get any where near God.

How do we lose the game?

First loss: Our attachments to our family members and putting them above the direction of a saint.

Second loss: Do not keep promises given to saints.

Third loss: Keep company of people who keep on speaking against saint and God. This, to certain extent, can be minimized if one is firm enough and ignores such comments.

Fourth loss: You start thinking against saint. There ends your road to your beloved Shyam!

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