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Why do we need a saint.

You know, when you were a child, you needed A TEACHER for right from learning the letter A. Digit 1,2,3….. Why? Because we as a child were introduced to some new subject and we needed a teacher who mastered those subjects. God is a all together different subject. God is not visible, he cannot be heard, he cannot be touched, he cannot be perceived by even our intellect. You would say…If God is everywhere, can’t he read my mind? He does read your mind every second. Each and every thought of yours is not only recorded and preserved but also you are given the effects accordingly.

The smallest good act that one does is rewarded and the smallest injustice or sin gets its dues in the form of sufferings. Just one should be aware of it. We cannot make laws unto ourselves. Laws are divine and God is the divine government. That government does not require any witness, any proof. God is the witness and your action is the proof.

He cannot come to you and tell what is right and what is not. Saint does that job. God cannot talk to you , a saint can. In fact saint is outwardly material form of inwardly divine God. He cannot come to us in his divine form because we do not have instruments to perceive the divine form of God which is replete with never ending bliss. Thus he has no option but to appear in the material form. Then we have a problem..Who is real saint and who is not? Right?

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    It is just like selecting a teacher who you think knows all, but might end-up having decided a wrong teacher.

    There are also instances of people who have done self learning and have succeeded.


  2. ShreeRadha says:

    Self learning is based on some basic subject knowledge. If subject is totally new, you will need a teacher. Since we dont know what is God, we need a teacher.

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