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Learn it from Children

Whatever the activities children do they always enjoys it. If you observe them they laugh on each and every activity they perform whether they are alone or with the parent or with other children. Really you too will enjoy their activities and will feel little relaxed forgetting if any tension mounts on your head. The children involvement in whatever they do is total from their heart not considering or thinking what other will thing about it.
Have you ever seen a child laughing, their laughter is total, its come out of their heart, it is always overflowing with energy. Their whole body is involved in laughter. So when you are having the laugh, your body, mind and your being should laugh in unison. In laughter there is no ego and other psychological personalities. Laughter should be totally uninhibited. To have the good life one should be childlike. Spontaneous laughter blocks the mind of all activities for few moment, these few moments of mindlessness is good for the body. So go the child way to be happy

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