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Little Hope to Move forward

Why do people changes the blogs or the site they works on? Seen many people, who are working on Internet join one program and then leave it? Why and what is the main reason for it? Do you know the exact reason for such changes?

Different people will have the difference answer. But majority will have only one answer, dear that xyz site we are working you know is the big scam. I have read about in some blog and forum post. Most of the program now a days even though it is genuine everyone thinks twice to join for it as such programs comes and get vanished. There were some paid forum, which has attracted many of the Internet users to their site by advertising that they are the only Forum who is paying the highest for per thread post and answer. But after some days they are coming with the excuses that they are sorry they are not in a position to pay such money as they have made loss in their advertisement account or some of the sites have not paid them so and so.

We on the Internet user spend our time and money with the hope to make some extra money her. Who does not want to make extra money? We are here to make money and that’s the main reason taking risk and joining the site with a hope that at least we will make something here on this site. After all it hope that keep us surviving and move forward in our life.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    The priorities are misplaced and therefore people endup confused and hence the nomadic life from one site to another.


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