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Questions in Questions

What’s your dream in life? Can all the dreams get satisfied? If not then what will you do? To get your dream satisfy to what extend you are ready to go? Will you go to any extend? What will you do to reach to that extend? Will you use your money power or will power? What you think will help you more using your money power or will power? If you use your money power, then how and to what extend you will spend to achieve or reached towards your goal? What about your will power? Are you ready to use your will power? If yes have you got the confidence in your own will power? If nothings works out to reached towards your goal, then what next? Will you continue to fight for it or leave it in between? Is leaving it in between will be below your dignity? What others will says or thinks about you?

Is there any answer for the entire question put before you? Again this is a question and you have to wait or think over it. But truly speaking our life is also same way the big question and one has to spend lots of time finding the answer to it.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    It can only be an intelligent mix of brain power, conscience power, will power and may be lastly money power (Insignificant).


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