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What’s the Problems? Can you solve it?

We have seen many peoples goes to doctor for acidity. Most of the doctors takes it lightly advice to cut out pungent food and writes down a few medicines one of them invariably will be an antacid. One take it for few days fine ok then stop taking it. After a few weeks again the problem slowly begins again. What to do search for the old prescription and the whole episode is renewed including the recurring symptoms after some relief. If not getting cure and getting up the same problems again and again, the step would be change the doctor. So new doctor means new prescription and new medicine. You feel better and relaxed for some days and after some days same things (acidity) begins again. So what next should continue the medicine or to consult any other doctor or specialist? Big question mark.
But is there any ways and means to stop such problems? Some says it is due to ones eating habbits problems or due to wrong preparation of the food, other says it might be due to spicy or masala used in the food. some says tae, coffee, smoking have the close relation with acidity.But till date no one can give the exact answer for this.

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