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Who is Sexy Culprit in th End?

Now a day the big question in the front of almost all the parent is about what food to be given to their children. With the change in eating most of the children like the junky unhygenic food rather what their parent prepared in the house. They prefer to have the fast food or ready made food rather then the home made one.
In such situation to whom will you blame? The children or the Food manufacture? Or the advertiser Or the Parent it self?
It is the fault of all the four things I have mentioned above as they all are co-linked with each other now or at the beginning of catching such habbits to children. As we all knew it is always very easy to blame or criticize other when the main fault maker are within us only.
In the beginning by seeing the advertisement in the TV or magazine children get attracted towards certain food, and they are so anxious to have it, they press their parent to have them only once just to taste. Even parent listern to them give them to eat but afterward ot becomes their daily routine and habbituate to eat the junky food neglecting or not ready to eat the food prepared in the home. Then parent start blamming the product manufacturer, TV Advertiser and so one. Just tell as per you who the culprit is.

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