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Will you Ever Thinks of other

We have seen men always think of themselves and never bother what other need. Why this is so? This is life and every ones intention is to grab for him anything that feel or seem to be good. Why the people will thinks of other when he himself has the need or wanted to have it. And as we knew men are never satisfy. Their wants are unlimited. The more you give them the more they want. So it is most of the greediness rather than the need of the people that does not make them thinks of the others. When the children does not think of their parent once they get their share of the property or once they get married and settled with their own family. Do you think men will think of the others? This is the cycle that runs for tradition and no one can stop it out. It will remain running.

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  1. smile_kanth says:

    why r u thinking about ,u might see only that kind of men,but it didnt mean all are same.there are some nice men in this world.

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