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Will you Help out

I was just sitting idle one day after finishing my day work. No newspaper to read and could not put on the TV also as there was no current. Just watching the nature. Suddenly saw two birds flying and chasing after each other. After sometime they came and sat on the plant without knowing their lies or waiting a danger in form of cat. Cat was sitting just below the plant and watching them hiding and ready to catch them.
Both the birds were busy playing and the cat was climbing slowly without making any noise and even giving any shake to plant. The danger was approaching towards the bird but they were in their own world making sound. The cat was about to jump on the birds and I made the noise, the bird fly off and cat run away.
I knew what cat would say to me and even the birds too. Sure the cat will be cursing me and birds will be thankful to me since I have saved their life.
So, same way, many a time such dangerous comes into our life and such time we should go ahead and help them out. There are some people who looks for your help but we are least bother about it or don’t want to help them out. Help other then other will help you out.

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  1. Tirtha says:

    Hi dear Good Morning

    I read your blog. Its a realy good.
    We Should help each other, and I always help to people who needs me.
    Thanks dear

    Sanjay Pai (Tirtha)

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