Competition in life 4

Competition in life

Can any one tell where is no competition in one life?

My ineterpretation About Adsense 0

My ineterpretation About Adsense

I Want to share my experience and some of my findings from MY ADSENSE ACCOUNT.

I do like to share my views and my findings with all….
I suppose this will help u earn a lot of money by knowing the internal matters of Adsense.

An ADSENSE PAYS WHEN YOU GET CLICK into the ADS of your site or BLOg.


7 clicks——EARNINGS 1.52$

1.00$=Rs. 40(approx)
so, 1.52$=1.5*40=Rs. 60

So for 7 clicks it is Rs. 60.
It implies for each Click Rs60/7=Rs. 8.5(Approx)

And this is the concept..
MORAL———MAKE GOOD POST AND DRAW Traffic to ur site. They will definitely attract users who will click ur ads….

SO MAKE GOOD POSTS and leave the rest to others and GOOGLE ADSENSE..They r going to take care of your all time money..