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railway electrification no.2

Preparation of pegging plan also includes

* Initial Survey works of the section to be electrified

* Preparation of Pegging Plans (15,000 Track Km)showing chainages, Locations of Level crossings, Bridges, Platforms, Cabins, Signals, Trolley Refuges, Junction Boxes and any other Infringements

* Testing of Soil Pressure using Penetro Meter and SPT Equipment

* Indication of Track Cross Section Profiles and Soil bearing pressure, Versines, Track Centers, Toe Points, Track Separations, Curve Details, Super Elevation Etc

Then the final pegging plan will be prepared.then it will be used for designing work.normally railway will do this preparation of pegging plan and give to the cintractors,but contractors also doing the survey for checking whether the given plan is write or wrong then they will adjust paln if ant changes occurs.then it will be used for designing works.

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