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railway electrification

being as a railway eletrification engineer i want to put all the information which i gained regading RE.Now a days we are using 25kv 600 amps supply for railway electrification.

first the railway authorities (like CHIEF ENGINEER) decide the section has to be electrfied.then they will put up their proposal to their higher authorities.then it will be discussed in railway board members meeting.then they will sanction that proposal.Then they will add that project in their budget or 5 year scheme.then they will publish adverts in news papers and medias for tendering.

after seeing that adverts all companies will participate in the tender,there may be some rules,eligiblities for the private companies to participate in tendering. then on one fine day all the tenders will open and that project will be given to company which satisfies the eligibilities and rules.and also the lowest profit rate (SOR)SCHEDULE OVER RATE also taking as a vital role in deciding the company.then the private company which got the project will start the work.

Normally it wiil consists of

1,Design work
2,Execution Work.

Designing work.

1,Preparation of pegging plan
2,Preparation of LAYOUT DRAWINGS
5,Preparation of AS ERECTED DRAWINGS.

i think it may be usefull for the somepeoples.in further blogs i will continue about RE.AND I WANT TO UPLOAD DRAWINGS AND FILES ABOUT THIS RE IN THIS BLOG,if the admin,members guide me how to do that ,i will do my best.waiting for ur comments…….

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