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Reservation in educational institute.

Reservation in educational institute.

what does our constitution say all should be treated equally so WHY RESERVATIONS.
dont u think this step is dividing further and creating a feeling of hostility.

Goverments responsibility is to give primary and secondary education to all so that they strengthen the base of minorities.Reserving seats for them wont help.Many students belonging to general category cannot afford good education so what abt them.
what i dont understand is the question should be whether someone is able to afford education or not so he should be given some priviledge irrespective of the cast/Category
but here what is happening is being a minority whether rich or poor u r getting priviledge.is it fair
Admission to premier institutes is highly competitive and a large number of students are left out because they have been born in a general category . they work very very hard today because of cut throat competion so that would lead to mental depression of those deserving students.
politicians use reservations for their political gains and create divisions between the communities. But they are not aware that what it feels to be left out inspite of being good academicaly but bcoz of limited seats.
And also with time these premier institutes would degrade as the students would not be admitted based on their merit but on their castes

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