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safety of women

A bill has been proposed in Karnataka assembly that women should not work in night shifts after 8 p.m for security reasons. is it correct.

Here I am posting my views about this issue.

Now a days abusing of women’s are a daily news which we are watching thru media, in Bangalore last month one of the lady working in wipro sexually abused by his cab driver. Like this we are watching so many incidents against women. The proposal in the Karnataka assembly may be considered the safety of women. but at the same time it will be a very big disadvantage for the it sectors. Because most of the it firms are having night shifts. Many women are working in night shifts. Due to the time variation between India and other countries like us,uk,etc night shift jobs are became irresistible. If we are thinking women should work only in days shift means they may not work in top level management and they may not get a chance to develop their carrier. so the proposal can be withdrawn BUT!!!!!!

Some safety ideas has to be taken when they are going for night shifts.

– the cab driver should be recruited by a vehicle consultancy coz,they may have the clear personal details about that particular driver.
– We should derive some minimum eligibility for the drivers. and the same has to strictly followed.
– The family members of the woman should be aware fully about the firm which she is working and the route in which normally she will come etc.
– While going cab no women should travel alone. for example her house may be the last stop so she may travel alone in cab it will create problems.
– All the firms should have the clear personal details about the drivers..and the same should be given to the employess traveling in his vehicle.
– And mainly the women should not disclose any info about them r family.
– They should aware of what they are eating drinking etc.

Friends here I posted my view.i advice u all to post ur views also.

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