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Good for Health

Hi Friends,

Public awareness of health is increasing by the day. People are eager to live healthy life. In our fast life we could not get balanced diet. Due to the diet, people are having illness. The balanced diet is a diet which contains adequate amount of all the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins sufficient for normal growth and development of the body. Since no single food can provide us all the nutrients needed by our body in adequate quantity, we have to choose a number of food items to make a balanced diet.
Here we can see the various nutrients needed by our body and what are the sources from where these nutrients can be obtained.

Nutrients, Functions and Food sources

Protein — Aids in the maintenance, repair of cells, production of enzymes and hormones — Beans, soyabeans, moong, peas, gram, egg, milk and its products.

Carbohydrate — Provides energy — sugar, whole grains, beans, potato, sweet potato.

Fat — Produces energy, insulates the body and carries the fat soluble vitamins. – Vanaspati, oils, soyabeans, corn, milk butter, ghee.

Vitamin A — Maintains eyes, skin, mucous membrane, prevents night blindness, promotes normal growth of bones — Carrot, spinach, melon, fruits, and vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs.

Vitamin B1 — Provides energy and aids in the transmission of nerve impulses and reactions. — Breads, cereals, legumes, leafy vegetables, nuts.

Vitamin B2 — Promotes healthy skin, nerves, eyes, aids in the release of energy. — Breads, cereals, green leafy vegetables, milk.

Vitamin B6 — Maintains nervous tissues, regenerates red blood cells. — Whole gram cereals, bananas, vegetables.

Vitamin B12 — Aids in the functioning of cells. — Diary products.

Vitamin C — Promotes growth of the skin, bones, teeth, prevents scurvy and helps to resist germs. — Citrus fruits, potato, green leafy vegetables, tomato.

Vitamin D — Gives energy and builds strong teeth, and bones. — Sunlight, milk, eggs.

Vitamin E — Helps in reproduction and is good for skin texture. — Vegetable oils, germinated wheat, nuts, green leafy vegetables, egg, margarine.

Vitamin K — Essential for blood clotting. — Cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, milk.

Calcium — Formation of bones and teeth, blood clotting, heart function. — Green vegetables, citrus fruits, milk, cheese.

Iron — Prevents anaemia, important component of haemoglobin. — Green leafy vegetables, beans.

Phosphorus — Formation of bones and teeth. — Nuts, beans, grains, milk, cheese.

Sodium — Regulates fluids in the body, essential to nerve functions and energy production. — Table salt.

Iodine — Helps in the working of thyroid. — Iodized salt, Milk.


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