Factors affecting working women

Education has worked as the prime factor to motivate the women to work. They feel that whatever they have acquired through education has to be utilized. It should not be wasted. They should make proper use of their abilities and do something for the service of the society and the nation. They want to use their leisure time in some gainful activity. Again they are fully conscious of their own individuality and they want to maintain the personal status and independent social standing by working and earning for their own needs. They want to be self-sufficient. They understand very well that economic self-sufficiency had improved their social status. They have accomplished more freedom and personal security. They enjoy more rights and if they are questioned they can fight it better. In short, education and self earnings have increased their self confidence and are able come out of the dependency. This is the outstanding achievement of this age.

Women coming from different status of society, work with different view points. They work in varied conditions and socio-economic environment. Their personalities and attitudes towards life are different. Thus, every woman faces different situations and she in turn responses to them, in her own way. The problems always arise from the interactions with individual and society as well as the environment in which she lives. Besides economic conditions, caste structure, social customs and values, beliefs norms, modes of thinking, aspirations, emotional attitudes and cultural background all play a very imp0ortant part. Thus, the problems differ from individual to individual. The differences of problems among rural and urban women, the educated and uneducated ones, the married and unmarried, living single and with family, joint family, nuclear family or extended family, orthodox and modern family, religious and open minded and so on and so forth.

Even the atmosphere of the place of work, kind of work, timings or work, attitudes of the fellow workers and the authorities, the age of the worker has an important role to play in the scene. Since the emergence of a working woman as a class is a new phenomena and the society has mostly remained a traditional one, the women have to face many problems. They are personal, emotional, or say psycho-physical one and problems at home as well as the work place. But we should remember that all the problems are interwoven and interlinked with each other that it is at times impossible to differentiate and classify them. Some times one is the consequence of another.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    the problems faced by a working woman and co-operates then she can face all the troubles with courage ..be it at home or workplace…the only thing is that she needs a support…

  2. lkjhgf says:

    One of the factor that affects working women is when she starts earning more money and more status than the husband has.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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