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A Cuppa of Vitality

I have an old habit of having a rich cup of tea at late morning . And almost everyone in the household enjoy this cuppa . Yesterday because of guests in the previous day there was not enough milk left for this cup of life . So I waited for the milkman to come . My husband thought that I want him to make the tea went to the kitchen and start preparing . At this I told him about the reason why I did not do this . Then I watched over the window and I noticed the miklman coming , felt happy that he will reach within some minutes .

We were waited and waited for the milkman to come . First we have postponed what we were doing , but now started resuming work . But the cuppa was taking rounds in the brain . The milkman sometimes gets late but not to this extent .At last we have to dismiss the idea of a rich cup of the , and took resort to a simple plain cup of tea without milk as we take in the morning . Which saved us from feeling drowsy . It is a mental condition like the addicts . When we are busy in works sometimes we just forget the cup in front of us . But when we expect it then it is simply unavoidable to think beyond without my regular cuppa and all sorts of uncanny things strats happening with us .

The milkman appeared at 1 Pm the time when we had already finished our launch . He told that he was talking with someone and after that forgot that he had left the top floor unvisited . When he remembered it he was rushing back here !!!

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    Tea and coffee are also one among the list of several addictive items. Once a person gets addicted to something, it will be difficult to get out of its clutches.


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