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A Tribute To Man

Perhaps this post will boost the morale of those who don’t consider women as a second class citizen . Men , today are far more compromising and undertanding then their predecessors . In the last century Man could not afford the risk of getting involved in active parenting and leaving space for women colleague in offices .

The result of a recent study shows that man are now paying more attention to relationship and even ready to compromise more . They want to show (off) their emotions , and don’t consider shedding tear as feminine trait .

In family front , Man wants to spend time with family and ensuring the family bond is their priority . And he wants to participate actively in parenting . More men are even opting for single parenthood in case their better halves are not interested in continuing relationship . In another study conducted last year showed that 49% dads in America are willing to become stay-at-home dads .

With the drastic change in male emotional quotient definitely there are some positive as well as negative outcome in society . But this has enabled women to go up in the ladder of progress . Because without it too women would prove themselves but with much more difficulty . But with Man and Woman complementing each other it is much easier and a smoother ride .

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