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Aamaar Pehi

Aamaar Pehi means our aunt (buwaji in Hindi) . I don’t share any blood relation with Pehi . She is my husband’s aunt . One human being to whom I am grateful and one gem of a woman .

She is the youngest sibling of my father in law . She could study till twelfth only .And had to do a job to support her brothers because several people were not doing well healthwise at that time . She hd joined as an office assisstent at Garrison engineers and got retired three years back as Office Superintendent . And she won the award of best worker for ten consecutive years .

She is like mother to the sons of her her brothers . When my mother in law dies leaving her sons at very young age Pehi decides not to get married and look after them . She had great impact on lives of her nephews , she taught them the value of hard work , and be sensitive to people around them and to be generous .Even I had learnt a lot from her I mean though I stayed with her only for some months .

What is amuzing to me is her energy now at above sixties . She is the one to rise at the earliest in the morning . Walking for half an hour , cleaning these comprise her morning duty . After getting retirement she now starts an cosmatic shop , and get busy for the entire day . But if some guests happens to visit our house she is the one to receive him with the warmest of smiles and behaviour . She would sit for the whole night if any of the family member is not well , or some has to reach home at midnight . She doesnot like to sit idle for a moment . When we ask her to take rest she refuses to do that saying that she doesnot have the habit of resting . At sharp ten thirty she would fall sleep when everything goes fine .

When I was new in the family I asked the boys not to trouble her and do their own duties , but I felt she is hurt by my words . So I stopped that . Now whenever I am at home she serves me the afternoon cuppa , with a smile .And I just say thank you . For everything I mean .

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