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Assamee ?

I have heard that people of Assam are refered as assamee by some people outside Assam Though it feels bad I did not think it much seriously . But in my recent journey to famous college street I really got embarrasseed for this . And before this I want to clear it , the people of Assam are called Asomiya , in Assamese Language . The s after A is not pronounced as ‘s” , it is somewhere between h and Kh , so the actual pronounciation is like Ahkhomiya in the language which too is known as Ahkhomiya .

So that happened like this ,me and my father went to the College street near the famous Presidency college in Kolkata . The place is famous for the business of second hand books at dirt cheap price . You can find books on any and every topic under the sun or of any stream .So it was my long time plan to visit the place . Now it became mundatory because my brother told me to buy some books from there . My father told me that the subject of Assamese language and literature was first introduced in Kolkata university , and hence there were books of Assamese language available earlier in this place too . I was pessimistic about it . But he insisted on searching some long lost books which were once textbook of the university . We went on asking in bookstalls , but everywhere “Assameeee?” was the first reaction . They have never heard of any language like Assamese . Or they are too sure that the language of Assam is calles Assamee .

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