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At This Moment Of Shame

There are lots of hurly burlies the moment the shameful incident of failure of Indian Hockey Team made the headline . People are making different opinions regarding this . Some blames the selection procedure , some the petty politics involved in it or the stance the presidents of Indian Hockey Association or the lack of motivation in the players etc . Each one of these has its contribution in the grand (?)failure .

But definitely we common Indians too are responsible for this shameful incident . The lion share of people do not know that Hockey is our National Game . We are so obsessed with cricket now for the glammour and big bucks involved in this game . And perhaps after the introduction of ICL and IPL people just hate to talk about Hockey , the poor men’s game . Can you recollect the name of the Captain of Indian Hockey Team ( but we can chant the names till the twelfth man in certain ODIs )? Can you recollect when the last time you have watched an International Hockey match , just leave aside the thought of watching a national level match ?Have you ever seen any group of young men playing Hockey in your surrounding ?

If we don’t watch Hockey , don’t encourage young boys or girls to play the sports , then how the condition will be developed . And why would parents encourage their childs to play a sports which is considered a poor men’s game . It is perhaps unthinkable for the companies to invest money on Hockey team and sponsor players because no one can recognise their faces . Are not we ourselves responsible for this shameful event .

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2 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    YEs , we too r responsible for this act. Niether we play our national game niether we encourage them. If u ask a small children he will start giving the names of the cricketers “raparap” but ask anyone of us the names of the national hockey players mmmmmmm……..ans will b dont know ?

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    You are right. We as generally public have not cherished our national game and failed to back it up with good viewership. Had we done that, the media would have given importance to Hockey as well as they would have also got a good TRP rating and thus would have benefitted the players, which would have motivated them to perform better.


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