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Beware Of Pilot

Beware of Pilot , please don’t get scared of the title instead . In our campus evening waltk is something ritualistic for us , specially during the summer days after a scorching day it is mundatory for all and sundry . So the evenings are always lively here . Children play in the afternoon , smaller kids walk and play under the supervision of parents and elderly uncle and aunties .

But for the last few months mostly we have to curtail our evening walks and gop-shup abruptly in certain days . The days when the “pilot” is free of his duty . Yes , He would take out his car and start learning driving . And he is such a bad driver , I tell you , you cannot imagine . Only appreciable aspect is his perseverance . he has been practising driving for the last three or four months and he is all in the starting point till date .

He in fact fails to blow the horn when he sees children in front of him . Once he has stopped the car mid-way because he faced another car approaching him . He cannot take his car to side-ways and losses his mind . He stops and gets down , tells his problem to the approaching driver , instead of getting angry this one has to rescue our pilot !

So the day pilot takes his car out we better stop our evening walks and ask children to stop playing . We can understand his problem , because for him it is impossible to take it out to the rowdy kolkata traffic outside campus . But I wish he is a fast learner , after all he is one who roams in the sky with his vehicle !!

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    from him as he is not a well trained driver and does not know the basics of the same…

  2. Service_to_all says:


    What you have stated is quite dangerous. I understand from your post that he is still not got his permanent license legally. It is in the interest of all residents, that you or the association representatives of your apartments inform him of your fears. May be he is not aware of the problems of the residents, while he is taking out his car within the complex.

    He has to be informed that he should look out for a driving school for him to get to know the basics.


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