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Can You Understand Me ??

Suppose you want a bunch of flower from your husband or lover as a gift . But instead your husband has given something else ,may be a costly gift which you actually do not need . You just expect that next time he gifts you flower . But unless you don’t express to him what you want how could he know . Even in successful relationship these things happens . Lack of communication may lead to serious vacuum in the relationship . We blame each other for not understanding ourselves properly . Asking what the other feels about something and letting them know what you feel , are apparently very trivial matters but very much important . Otherwise we may end up fuming about the other .

Usually women are not much vocal about their physical needs , but they usually blame their husbands or partners for not understanding themselves . Sometimes women sacrifice their own time to relax to make some other family member happy . In long run this may lead to boredom , fatigue and stress related diseases . Unless they do not get vocal about their own problems how could children understand .

Sharing views while taking any decision whether important or not may help a lot to know .Choosing schools for kids, family budget , new furniture , about saving etc may prove very pivotal in overall happiness in a household . These will even help a trasperant understanding of the earning and expenditure of the family and no one would need to complain .

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