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Check Thoroughly

Vaccination is as imprtant as food and clothing at present . My neighbour’s daughter , a sweet little girl of five is suffering from terrible stomach ache for the last three four months . They went on a tour to Channai and after coming back from there she occasionally complains of having this stomach pain .This pain is sometimes accopanied by a sudden gush of vomitting too .

The familiy’s experience with one of the most famous hospital here in Kolkata is better not to explain . Not one , not two , but three specialists doctor consecutively confirms the report of the little girl having Appendisitis . They asked for hurried treatment ie. operation failure to which the little girl’s life may be at risk . But the parents were reluctant to get the operation done immediately , because it was a tough decision for the parents .

THey even wanted to confirm it with with another doctor . This septuagenerean doctor ruled out any hint of Appendisitis and advised them to get a BCG scan done immediately . And this BCG report confirms that the little girl is infected by TB germs , though they are in initial stage .

I am afraid of thinking what would happened if the operation was done . The girl’s parent of course confirmed this diagnosis too with a second opinion opsitively . The parents had done a huge mistake by not cheching whether she has been given all the vaccination or not . But BCG was something that comes within the first moth of the birth . They have given all others that should follow this one . How come non of the doctors had checked this . I don’t say that the parents are not responsible for this . But just see , just missing one vaccination and got caught by the deadly disease .

Recently two more incidents Polio come to light . Here too the childs somehow missed the drops and now in the trouble . So people , be aware , not only of your kids but also those kids around you . Anyone can misss the vaccination by someone’s fault . But it is not the fault of the child . Why should it suffer .

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2 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    Disbelief and suspicion on both medicine and doctor and add monetary problem also — which make parents inactive to be able to have expert opinion.

  2. rohanrs says:

    Hi didn’t she consult any specialist doctor regarding this disorder in her health this is not good if it continues..

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