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Chill Is Back

Happy that the chill is back in Kolkata . Ever since I have watched the snow-falls in simla on tv screen and people enjoying that I started hating the weather here . The winter is very short and in the midst of January we need to stop wearing sweaters . Little bit of cool breeze at night and that’s all .

But with the unexpected rainfall since last evening the chill is back . When I talk to people at home back in Assam I get green-eyed for the pleasant weather there .
Now with the drizzles dropping here , I hope that winter will stay longer at least for a couple of days more . And the cosy feelings too . Because dust and pollution will be reduced to some extent . It’s such a pleasure to watch rain drops falling on the window panes , and enjoy some pokoras or samosas with a cup of piping hot tea or coffee . And if luck permits a book in hand or the company of one two friends around .

Rain outside and this is making me a bit nostalgic perhaps .

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