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Craze For Onscreen Adultery

Suddenly a genre of film with bold picturisation of adulterous affairs , skimpily clothed heroines became popular . Some actors became popular without any acting ability , only because of their no-qualms-attitude for intimate or I should say rather vulgure love-making scenes in the name of realistic cinema . Indian middle class become more open up towards sex related topics all of a sudden .

Whether people follow films or films show real life ? It is a matter , where none will agree with other . But both have impacts on the other . But I feel somehow films bring to light the way how people fantacise their lives . The popularity of films like Murder , Zehr and many more shows that either the tase of people are changing or they always wanted to enjoy this type of movies .

Recently I have read somewhere that the C grade films are now almost non existing . C-grade artistes now have to take resorts to other earning sourses because that kind of movies are now obsolete . Why not . Instead of watching a unknown artiste people would prefer a Mallika Sherawat or any other ready to shed clothes actress . Look at the subject matter , violence , dresses of the heroines , vulgarity in these films of this genre that I am talking about , which now people can enjoy in the air-conditioned luxury of multiplexes .

All thse have some relevance with the psyche of Indian audience . People always have a greed to watch such films , but they want to hide their desires in closets . With bold directors and producers and actors now it is possible for them to watch such movies . The line between obscenity and love is fast merging . Who knows what is there at the end of the tunnel . Will it stop even after half of the youth go to ashes .

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5 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    Also the concept of presenting a item songs in every film is not a new story now. Now the director every now n ther enters the kissing scenes to gain popularity of d film.

  2. sajeevss says:

    I have a 8 year old son and when we watch T.V neither do we have to change channels to avoid the scenes neither does it make a difference to him………call it genertion gap …or the fact that to avoid such scenes we will have to watch the cartoon channel or put off the T.V

  3. nishunishaa says:

    hi…..i have noticed all this. it’s disgusting. each and every song has all this and so does the movie

  4. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi How are you??? I feel sick of seeing the bollywood movies these days. I watch only if it has some humour or moral. After long time Tare Zameen Par is good movie seen recently. I don’t care about sexy scenes shown in movies. When many couples are having public sex in parks, etc. What is the point in not showing on the TV. It is the parents resposiblity to train kid. Why should parents give everything a kid asks. I have seen many parents encouraging bad behaviour of Kids. Many old women ask children to put the soap serials & encourage youngsters to watch those sucking serials. This society is like that blaming the films will not give a solution for us. I agree with you that robotic looks heros & no expressions actress are coming into bollywood films. The future of bollywood is sick I feel.

  5. dulaliputra says:

    Ramakrishna inspired Girish Ghosh, who was willing to stop acting in the stage , to continue. Because according to Him theater was the media of mass education. But if He comes now and goes to cinema hall, I think, He will say , “Girish (the actors), stop acting, all these will pollute the society and will create confusion and disorientation.”

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