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Don’t waste your Time in IGNOU COURSES

Ignou courses captivate people as they ensure one of a valid degree , at reasonable price and at the comfort of sitting in your home . i have encouraged my husband to join IGNOU MBA because he cannot spare time to join a regular insitute for MBA .

To our surprise IGNOU couldnot stand the promises it makes . It is not easy , the study material it provides are so minimalistic that one cannot do deep into the matter unless he burns a whole in his pocket buying the refference books those study materials refer for . The study centres ,doesnot prove helpful either , because as it is a process that is thoroughly related to the Great Indian Postal service and snail mails . You complain , or write to the Regional centre about your grievance , they reply , you get the point , comes the time of exam . Same happens with Study materials .

My husband didnot receive any his identity card from IGNOU , it was ok until he was tranferred to another sate . But in the new palce they won’t let him sit in the exam without the card . We wrote to the previous regional center , where they advised to contact the present one . But here they didnot even agreed to listen to our grievance . They didn’t answer the application we send and neither they are ready to take the complain personally , because he has no ID proof . Is not it an irony . Ultimately he was compelled to leave at that point after completion of almost eight papers .

I “ve met some other students who had completed their diploma course in 2006 , but still waiting for their certicates . As their study centre does not provide any further course in that subject they want to join another study cantre . But how could they do without certificate . I wish these people had not waste their valuable time and money at IGNOU .

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