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Double Income Single Child Phenomenon

Double income Single Kid is the new urban phenomenon . Husband and wife earn a six digit salary and take their own time to settle in life . Settle usually means a house , a four-wheeler , heavy balance at bank , and before taking the plunge to parenthood one or two luxury trip to abroad .

People now want to give everything possible to their child , branded clothes , imported and costly toys and games , best education . Most parent even want that our love for our kid should be undevided . The second child may disrupt the family balance , love and attention for the first child and both will be deprived from the best . This is the general view that I had acquired from a few sets of parents . They say , we cannot afford two kids , have a look at the city lifestyle . We want best education and luxury for our kids .

It is not the only reason that they just want to settle for the best while it comes to kids . Those who cannot spend quality time with their kids want to compansate their absence by buying costly games and toys . And no one wants that their child goes to outside and play with other kids . So naturally they need to buy expensive goods for kids . And when other parents can buy such stuffs to childs why could we let out child crave for those things . This assumed needs increases day by day and actuall parents cannot think of having a second child .

The single kids naturally do not want to hear a no from other kids , and they have problem in mixing up with other kids . They cannot easily share their goods and even feelings and gradully acquire an aggressive attitude .

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