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Evolution Of Spiritual Gurus in Television :Part 1

Some days back while flicking the channels of Television I stoped at one channel . A saffron – clad , middle aged person was preaching his disciples . First I just watched him without noticing what he was telling as the volume of my tv set was set very low . But his body language while he was talking compelled me to leave my eyes wide open . He was digging his nose , occsionally using the fingers of both his hands .

While modulating his voice sometimes to a whisper and sometimes to a thunder he couldnot control his saliva . Because he hardly took time to take a breathe in the middle of a sentence . The person does not appear to be a healthy person by any means . He had lost most of his teeth but those which are still ther show that he is a devotee of necotine or stuffs like paan .

Well he was telling about absolute devotion to the God , people should forget and forgive, we should not hanker after possessing wealth et al . Till now I have noticed there are some spiritual gurus who teach people how to live life , there are some who tells us how to keep ourselves fit by Yoga nad keep diseases at bay . Some teach pure religion and their followers are immensely satisfied by the knowledge they gather from these gurus .
to be continued …

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Point taken. However, the individuality lies in absorbing the nectar and leaving the rest.


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