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Evolution of Spirtitual Gurus in Television :Part 2

I remember the first ( as far as I know) new age spiritual Guru who is famous for his mantras of the Art of Living . The person has a soothing affect for his style of soft spoken words , his inspiring presence on the stage and what he speaks .

But today Indians have so many gurus . Emerging Tv channels that telecasts their sessions with their disciples , the announcements of their visits to different cities , ads of their CDs and VCds so on and so forth . Whether the process of commercialisation of spirituality happened first or the large number of followers have made them appear in tv channels .

People want to follow leaders . And knowingly or unknowingly they immiatae their leaders . That is why when a spiritual guru advises , everybody wants to follow it religiously . Even when his wife or friends are telling a person for years to give up smoking he may instantly oblige if his guru tells him to do so . Then definitely people will follow the guru too who himself is a slave of necotine and many diseases . There are some gurus who speak so dramatically , sometimes raising their voices like a commander or sometimes sounding like as if they are rebuking their disciples . Some are so young at age that this type of activities look farcical .

I apologise in advance if I have hurt the feelings of any person through these two posts . But I realy feel that sometimes religion , and in this case spirituality or elf improvement is becoming an opium for the masses , which actually drifting our minds from serious issues of life and country too .

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