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For The Fear of Paying Fine

We had enjoyed the last Durga puja in our apartment campus , though we were comparitively new at this campus . Our campus is more or clean because of the effort of some recidents , the committee and those who are paid for doing the job .
Usually because of ignorance and because no one tries to put some civic sense in their mind kids are mostly responsible for those occasional pieces of packets of chips , candy wrapping plastics etc . Especially during the puja days kids were at the peak of festive mood and no one would be there to stop them .

While the prasad of pujas was distributed most kids were throwing the plates wherever they stopped munching the contains . One person , an NRI , happen to be a son of one of the residents here . He was picking up the plates and asking the kids to stop doing that . HOwever others didn’t feel like asking them to stop . But one of our neighbours passed a comment , “this fellow (NRI) has developled a permanent fear for paying fine “!!

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Children are good observers and learn things very quickly. During their formative years, they are more or less at home. What they observe their parents do is invariably what they invariably follow, as the parents are their role models initially. So it is the parents to be blamed for not inculcating good habits and behaviour.


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