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Ghar Ka Khana Vs Bahar Ka Khana

There will be hardly anyone out there who does not like “ghar ka khana” . “Ghar ka khana” , specially prepared by one’s mother , the phrase itself sounds tastier than anything . It is because “maa” or “mom” prepares it with care , serves it with love and heartily wishes that you enjoy it . There is no secret desire in her mind that you praise her for the food or anything .

But there are people who loves Hotel ha Khana . Those who are crazy for ghar ka khana are those who have to stay away from home or family for long time and have to have meals in hotels .Those who are not expert in cooking , but needs to cook everyday like to have meals in restaurants . But now a days those who need to live a very busy life , do not find much time for cooking at home , and afford having their meals in restaurants love to indulge in the luxury of launch or dinner outside . This way they can enjoy a meal without much bothering about shopping , preparing and the boring follow ups like washing and cleaning .

And many people love to have ghar ka khana for the reason that it is less rich , less harfull and more beneficial for health . But this is the twist in the tale . Today with the exposure and reach of all kind of international recipes and ingredients “ghar ka khana” is not anymore pure and untempered “ghar ka khana” . Almost everyone who cooks and love to cook shares recipes from other people . The traditional dishes that have been catering to the palate for centuries are now inter-exchanges and changes for betterment and for giving them innovativeness . With web-sites offering recipes , cook-books , Television cookery shows , newspaper and magazine recipes , sharing of recipes of different communities within the country etc it is easy for anyone to cook . And to support the cooks there are departmental stores providing any and every ingredient under the Sun for prving ones expertise as cook .

This has some good as well as harmful outcomes . On the one hand Ghar ka khana is getting tastier then ever and on the other it brings the harmful aspects of outside food to home cooked meals . To make tasty foods people use excess oil and re-use of oil which leads to development of carcinogenic properties , some magic ingredients like Ajinomoto (which can cause even cancer of the liver ), preseved spices and ingredients , adulterated ground spice powders which is harmful , long preserving in fridge , etc . And mostly long cooking over high flame mar the food value of foods and adds extra calories .

So this is a request for those who love home made foods , don’t experiment much with food , and use anything new in moderation . If possible stick to simple recipes that does not needs much cooking and much packed spices . Cook your vegitables in low heat , or just steam them and cover them while cooking to get the ultimate benifit of ghar ka khana .

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3 Responses

  1. veerugcet says:


    This is fact that home cooked fod always good but I always used to eat hotel food, only because of lazzy.

    Since last 10 years mostly I am eating Hotels food and now my health is not good.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    of course as we know the type of ingredients we have used and according to our taste and will definately use the branded quality oil for cooking where as the outside food is risky at times when you do not get the properly cooked food and spoils ur stomach and then further affects ur health…hygenically HOME MADE FOOD IS THE BEST

  3. abhirup20002 says:

    Ghar ka khana ghar ka hi hota hai….uske saath kisi chis ki comare hi nehi ho saktha…because afterall it’s made in home. And we all love home made food. Yes bahar ka hana bhi khate hai…but Ghar ke khana jaise bhi bana ho O aacha hi lagtha hai..all the time..

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