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GOA : The Paradise of Anti-socials

The most sought after place for tourists in our “incredible India is perhaps Goa . With pristine beauty of beaches , sea and exotic quisines , carnivals , Goa equals to the top tourists spots of the whole world .

But the recent assaults on tourists , news of drug peddling and robbing tourists and finally brutal murder of the teenage tourist by locals Goa came to news for all the all reasons . It is true that local people are involved in some of the gruesome crimes that involved tourists . In a place that is always filled with tourists some crimes are bound to happen . But the point is that how the govt can be so naive about the security system . The recent murder of Scarlet Keeling shouts it loud that if there were enough security in the beaches that she could be saved perhaps . Is not it the duty of govt to save a reputation of the place . The Incredible India ” campaign of Indian govt highlights the natural beauty , seetness , our hospitability to the world and other places in India . But if govt cannot provide security to inter national and interstate tourists why to invite people . There are some brutal murders in Orissa too recently where locals assaulted people specially girls from different places .

It is likely that some people with dishonest intentions about money or other gains will always be there to rob gullible tourists . But if govt ensures security than these crimes could be minimised .

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