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Granny’s LOve

It is said a mother is happiest in the moment when her daughter gifts her a granddaughter . Its true . It is also true in the other way round . A girl feels most comfortable with her grandmother .

Grandmothers have a soothing presence in the lives of a granddaughter . They can bring up and take care of a child with coolest self . They don’t get panic with little bit of disobedience , fever and perhaps with any trivial issues that any mother will blow out of proportion .

Anyone who has the luck to spend time with their granmother will admit that those are the happiest and tension free moments of their lives . Parents often complain that children don’t want to come back from grandparents” homes . It is because of the unconditional love and care that they get from their grandmothers . We parents sometimes cannot agree with the way that grannies take care of our child . But they have seen life and have a treaure house of experiences to bring up childs .

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