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Habit of Reading Books

The habit of reading books has always been considered an elite and prestigious hobby . Only those who can afford of the luxury of having some peaceful moment for themselves can enjoy a good read . Book reading is not something which we do just for enjoyment . It widens the mind , encourage us to view something from different perspectives and helps us in better judgement while taking any decision in life .
But at this age of instant gratification people are somehow not so much interested in reading books . Actually I should say that the number of people who love to read books are decreasing day by day . The spare time of a household is robbed of by the Television .The esteemed place of the book self is now occupied by VCDs and DVDs . Children no longer read story books and comics , instead they would remain glued to the television set to watch the innumerable reality shows , cartoon shows and so on if they find time from their hectic sdaily routine . A housewife no longer opens a novel to while lying abed for an afternoon siesta . Instead she would catch the soap that she missed the last night .
The daily news paper to has contributed to aggravate the situation . I don’t know what is the purpose of the innumerable supplements of a daily newspaper . You just cann’t buy a copy of newspaper while travelling by bus or train . It is so difficult to keep them neatly .With cheap and mostly vulgar pictures of models and actors they invite some unwanted attention to you if you keep them on your lap . If you are to complete reading the news paper you are likely to finish it the next day .
Now comes our favourite pastime internet . With so much activities …blogging , chatting , sharing opinion , photoes is there any time left for reading books . When we read a book we tend to share our views with the writer , or just complement them for their skill which is mostly difficult to do . But interent provides the facility to instantly coonect with the writer of a particular blog , even you can discuss it with fellow bloggers .
Though common people’s interest in reading book is diminishing we cannot say that books will loss their prestigious position . They will always occupy the glorious position in the heart of book lovers .

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