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Heaven Vs Hell

A man gets a chance to visit both Heaven and Hell after his death , perhaps for some of his good deeds and some of bad deeds . He decides to enter Hell first so that if he does not like it he can go to heaven and doesnot need to come back to Hell .

While enetering he realises that Hell is nothing else but a large banquet hall . Thousnads of people are sitting there delicious dinner ready in front of them . But what are they waiting for .He noticed while getting closer to them that they had large sppons tied with their hands , which they cannot bend , and naturally they cannot take food into their mouth , with that . The man felt very ssad for them . How long they may be waiting for the food to eat !!!

Now its his chance to visit Heaven . He has seen all chatting exuberantly and gulping the food their . But they too had those long spoons tied with their hands .How could they eat with those spoons . Each of them is feeding the person sitting in front of them .

I read this story while I was in school , but I still remember it . Yes Heaven and Hell exist .

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