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Human Being Turning To Monsters

Most of the cities specially metros watched women molested in the hands of unrully mob on the eve of the New Years Day . What made the youngstars to view women as easy prey of their lust I cannot imagine . Are we going back to beginning of civilisation when women just confined themselves to their houses and did not came out without the escort of their male companions .Here situation is far more worse because in some places molesters even ignored the presence of the male companions of the girls . Perhaps people would like to wind the topic up by commenting that it is the fault of the girls to wear dressed exposing their skins .
With violence and raunchyness on the air at any time at any form , be it television , glossy magazines , cheaply available CDs youngstars are just forgetting their ways . Who can say Who is to be blamed for all these . Our culture which sometimes sings the victory of women fully clothed , some other times celebrates art in the form of erotic sculptures . We don’t want to know what to talk and what to hide from our children . We don’t bother whether our kids gather knowledge of sex from suspecious sourses , but maintain that we are careful enough about not uttering the word in front of them .
We just pray to God that may our own child is safe . All others go to Hell !!!!!! But is high time that we look back to some of our values that teach us to respect women and elderly people , to practice control upon our primitive emotions etc . Let us hope for the best .

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