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In A Paranoiac Society

I am not saying whether it is good or bad . But I think we are living in a paranoiac society . Here we cannot trust upon anyone . We suspect what may be the purpose of our neighbour when he invites us for a cup of tea , all of a sudden . When boss smiles, we smell there must be some extra pressure of work coming next . We want to keep our children in front of our eyes . When sending schools we cannot trust upon bus attendents , people at the side of roads , and even teachers .

We are making paranoids of our childs too , by constantly questioning what has happened in school , in way back home , what are the questions in exam , how he answered each and every questions. Sometimes I feel don’t they feel suffocated and won’t they burst at the first opportunity they get .

We cannot afford the cost of gullibility . We would rather suspect each person then to be cheated by anyone for having faith in them .

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