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India Is A Hilarious Country

India is a hilarious country with no sense of humour … according to a hindi film star . Why ? At this moment there are innumerable shows that cash in upon people’s craze for laughter . Everyone is admitting that laughter is the best medicine . And this man says that Indians have no sense of humour .

But on a second thought he seems to be right . It is a truth . We Indians have a great sense of humour when the joke is about others , when it is directed to us , we often end up fuming . There are very few people who can laugh about themselves . There are plenty of jokes that are targeted to the characteristic behaviour of any community ,or there are jokes about every comunity . But only some communities have the spirit to take such jokes sportingly . They are Shikhs who can take Sardarjee jokes sportingly and the other one is Parsis .

It is sure and not everyone among us can take a joke about our caste , religion or community . But then we never stop ourselves from passing funny comments about their community or caste . Comedy is a reflection of what people in the country are going through as population . A good joke always comes handy to ease the tension of situation or bring warmth and vibracy in any discussion . But when not taken sportingly it can create more tension in social relations . Why can’t we learn to take a good joke on ourselves in good spirit .

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  1. rajashreek says:

    I agree with u humour is needed in life daily

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