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Is She Really Polite

My next-door neighbour , Mrs and Mr X appear to be very good and courteous people . Whenever we see or just cross them on our way , specially the lady she is not tired of telling us how she loves us , how she blesses our little one .

The lady has just one meal per day day and otherwise survives on muri (puffed rice) as she tells us . Anything other then muri in dinner would create problem in her stomach . I had no problem believing in that until some months back . We invited the duo for the birthday of our daughter .She immediately denied to comesaying that she cnnot come because of health problem . She will always bless …., she is telling all those about herself because she considers herself as her near and dear ones .

On the morning of my daughter’s birthday she came to my house with lots of gifts and told me about her problem . She says that it will be very awkward to tell everyone that she cann’t have dinner with us . So blessed my daughter and me . I offered her chai or anything that she would like to have as it was morning . But she denied very politely . In fact she was too much polite in denying ! So stopped offering her .

I have noticed that she is always polite , mostly more than enough to everyone . And would rather use a whispering voice to tell something not agreeable about someone !Perhaps an way to keep distance from people . My others neighbours who too invited them for any occasion shared the sme story like me . I wonder why couldnot she come in the evening and at least have some snacks or just without taking anything. The things she told me and others are utter rubbish , because I have seen both of them having dinner in some other parties . Why should she tell us that we are her near and dear ones and be overtly courteous . Now I hate her sight , everytime she meets me she will ask me about our well being , but never enters my house when actually some of us are actually not ok .

My husband suggested that I should return her gift . But I cannot spin yearns of beautiful words like her , I may sound impolite while returning the gift to her .

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