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K For Kishore

K For Kishore is a recently launched music reality show . But it is unique in the sense that here the competitors are singing only Kishore Kumr songs .

Some peope live for a pssion . They dream , live and live this passion only . Some caal it cricket , some football , for some it is music or books . But the fans of Kishore Kumar songs seem to be living to sing his songs . One person perhaps in his sixties had left several jobs because his bosses didnot allow him to watch Kishore Kumar’s performance in his city or just not let him perform in some occsions .

Kishore kumar’s intense voice , his out and out romantic nature , the quintessential partnership with R.D Burmon , and his style … so perfect . It will not be wrong to say that the Romeo’s and Juliets of that era and of even this age can vouch for Kishore songs when it comes to expression of their true feelings . Anything and everything that a lover can feel were incorporated in Kishore songs .

I think the show not onle pays a tribute to Kishoreda but also to those who live with the passion for Kishoreda’s songs .

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    I am one of those who have been mesmerized by his voice and have some of his good renditions on my mobile which I listen to whenever I require to soothe and ease my tension.


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