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Kids are Not So Innocent

I wonder how a child can manipulate elders . With the softness of their voice , cute expressions and naughty but nice smiles they win hearts and easily get their jobs done!
Most of the times we think or actually take it for granted that kids are so pure at heart . They do not have any kind of impurity in their mind and they are easily gullible . I myself have going through a tough time while getting something done by my child . They are so intelligent and even clever ! A mere two/three month old can also act . You will be surprised . When it wants attention and knows that nobody is paying attention to them they will fake a cry and make heads turned toward them . As soon as you get to reach her she would stop crying and present you a resplendant smile . These are all their tactics to get attention .
And have you ever noticed the unmistakable signs of jealousy when they see another child at the lap of their near and dear ones . My daughter even didnot let other mothers to lift their own childs in front of her . And not to mention how they can find out the difference between a toy mobile and a real moline phone . Even the 5 /6 months olds can find out who is actually going outside and who is just acting .
Though they are not so innocent their smiles are enough that can drive ourselves out of our ways . The memories of spending times with kids are always very precious and recharges our minds tp face the troubles of the world . The world of grown ups ……

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