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Kill Those Who Do not Love you

The reccent incidents of a Santiniketan student shot dead by her lover , an upcoming model too shot by her jilted lover and many more incidents of fellow student killing each other by guns etc. do not comprise a presentable picture of the temperament of the youths today .
In most cases it can be gathered that those who are assassinated were more or less guilty . The school student killed by his bullyied classmate , who just killed him before the other does it to himself . He did it without any regret . The model and her family allegedly used the wealth of the young businessman and dumped him. some other incidents are purely result of triangular love .
Whatever be the reason the similarity in all these case is easy access of a revolver or a gun to a civilian . How they can manage it so easily , know how to load it and press it . Moreover their lack of self control and display of temperament is something which is very shocking . How can one think of killing a person who just stopped loving in the cases of jilted lovers .
There must be something which is inspiring the youths only to get accustomed to achievement . They do not how to deal with failure or how to sacrifice .I don’t know . Do you ?

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4 Responses

  1. Sulochana says:

    Thank you for the comment . You are right , we have to bring back love to our life for the sake of saving Human being in this planet .

  2. Service_to_all says:

    The urge to ape the western culture is taking its toll. The age old tradition and culture of this great land which has a great heritage is being dumped, only to be taken over by blind western followings.


  3. betterlife says:

    Many people do not understand the true meaning of love. They think that love is a commodity which if they give to someone must be paid back in the form of love as they perceive. If it does not happen then they become violent, even kill those whom they claim they loved. If they really loved them then how can they kill them?

    Love is a gift of God. It is giving and not expecting anything in return. What many people think to be love is not really love but some feeling far from love. It may be greed, it may be lust, it may be sexual perversion, but it sure is not love. People casually say that they have fallen in love. It is wrong. People should rise in love. It will take them to God.

    Under misplaced thoughts, love seem to have gone out of our lives. Greed and lust have taken its place. The survival of human race is under threat. If we want to live in peace then let us bring love back in our lives.

    Love all, Hate none

  4. Service_to_all says:

    True love does not expect anything in return. It believes in only giving, expecting nothing in return.


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