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Kolkata Knight Riders

In an ostentetious ceremony Shahrukh unveils the jersey , logo , maskot and the theme song of his IPL Kolkata Team which is named as Kolkata Knight Riders . It is a name that reflects yougthfulness and gallantry . This team will be captained by Kolkata’s beloved “Dada” Saurav Ganguli . The theme song is an all men song , displaying the spirit of youth .

The logo of the team the golden helmet suggests winning mentality according to Shahrukh . According to him only winning matters in the field of sports .
The maskot is a Tiger named Hoog-Lee which he is sure to catch the imagination of Bengalis . The picturisation of the song even has a mix of both Foothball and cricket to appeal Bengalis who are passuionate about Football as well as cricket .The Jersey is designed by Manish Malhotra and the song is sung by Vishal Shekhar .

That Shahrukh has amazing business sense is a n undisputed fact . Every aspect of the launching programme is aimed to cater the aspectation of people out here in Kolkata . He said that he will happily carry the drinks to the players because the team members have gifted him the Jersey No. 12 . He further announces that the tickets will be affordable to the common people . Now its time for wait and and watch what other IPL franchisees have to offer to the cricket loving Nation .

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