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Learn The Art of Forgiving From Childs

When I see my toddler daughter doing something wrong I use to scold her so that she keeps it it mind . But obviously she forgets it very easily . We name it naughtyness . Why should you do this after repeatedly asking you not to do .Like that .

Sometimes it so happens she is a feat of hyperactivity destroys some stuffs that are costly , or even precious sometimes . In such occasion she gets some spanks too as reward . I know I should not . But could not help . And later deeply repent for the same . I know she just doesnot know what happened to my goods neither she remembers my scold or my spanks .

This makes me thoughtful sometimes . Did she forgive me . I don’t need to think further . The resplendant smile when she sees me after getting up tells me evrything . I ask myself could I forget the loss in between this . Or could I forgave her for her acts . May be yes , may be no . Because each time i look at the empty space of that the object occupied I get tensed and immediately impose some ban on her hyperactivity . But she had already forgave me for my fault .

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2 Responses

  1. nishunishaa says:

    good and thoughtful sharing

  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Sometimes young children destroy the goods or things u love very much u will get angry & controlling is very tough in such situations. If u have the control of anger than u r saint…Thanks for a lovely one..

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