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When we step outside home our life depends upon the mercy of the unruly traffic , risk or accident either small or fatal and so many unexpected things . But more riskier than life are those people who can go out of their ways while being harsh to other people . They can kill a person hundred times by their rude behaviour .

Today , people just do not bother until something wrong happens to themselves . The bus conductor may be harsh to the person sitting next to you but you don’t feel like bothering . Someone is complaining that his mobile phone is missing just after finished making his last call one minute back . But no one seems to act beyond just checking whether his set is there or not .

But on the contrary , think how you feel when someone helps you at the time of distress . When you didn’t expect anyone to help you about the address you are looking for , if someone helps you with this you just cannot stop thanking him . But ask yourself will you go to help someone like yourself when you notice them in distress . Most people has the uncanny way to help people who are well-dressed .
But not helping those who look actually helpless .
I think that we should at least step outside with an open mind . Not to be rude unnecessarily with people , helping elderly people etc .

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